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For Corgi Lovers

Even before I started raising Corgis 42 years ago, I was raising and training horses.  I will soon be adding some Corgi art to the selection – so wait for it!  The artwork that is for sale here now helps keep our Corgis healthy and happy and a portion of the proceeds will go to Corgi rescues to help them get re-homed safely and securely. 

Corgis and horses are almost synonymous they get along so well.  If you go to any horse show you will find Corgis at the Stalls of many Stables.  I hope you enjoy the artwork as well as you enjoy the Corgis.


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AKC_Seal, Bison Ridge Corgis
Corgi bred with heart, Bison Ridge Corgis
Good Dog Award, Bison Ridge Corgis