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Our Story

A Little Bit About Us

With over 40 years of experience breeding Pembroke Welsh Corgis, one of our most important values is the long term health of our puppies. Because of this we do genetic testing on all of our puppies to make sure they are not predisposed to DM, vWd and EIC, all of which are conditions that can wreak havoc on a Corgi’s quality of life. 

Another one of our core values and a large part of our mission is to keep puppies out of shelters. We do this through our unique adoption program. Because we understand that sometimes things change, and it may become impossible for you to keep your puppy, we will take it back, no questions asked. Then we will attempt to find a great home for it, and any adoption fee will be given to you. This helps our puppies stay in happy homes while keeping them out of shelters, and gives our buyers the peace of mind that comes with knowing this.

Our Philosophy

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Best Genetics

We know how much a dog's genes can influence its entire life. This is why we always breed the best genetic matches in order to avoid hereditary diseases and promote well-balanced temperaments that make for happier and healthier dogs.

AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Bison Ridge Corgis

Training Methodology

One of the most important aspects of a puppy's initial growth is training and socialization. This will help new owners receive a friendly dog with a sweet disposition that will be a joy to raise. Our training and socialization program includes crate training, car training, human interaction, including socialization with children, play time (fetch, ball play, etc.), socialization with cats and other dogs (including adult dogs), interaction with strangers, and much more.

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Lifetime Relationships

When our puppies finally go to their new homes, we don't end our interaction with their owners. We strive to maintain a relationship of trust and friendship with them so they will know they can always come to us for answers to their questions during the lifetime of their pup.

Reserve Your Puppy

Getting a great puppy takes time. Because we only breed Pembroke Welsh Corgis in an ethical, responsible and loving manner we have a waiting list and sometimes there may be a waiting period for our customers to bring their new friend home.

Because of this, we request you complete our application to help us find the best puppy we can match to you. We would love to know what you are looking for in the Corgi of your dreams so apply today and let us help you make your dream come true!

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Puppy & Waitlist Application

Our goal is to breed excellence in all our Pembroke Welsh Corgis. We care about and are committed to finding them great homes. As our puppies mature, we get to know their individual personalities. The information that you provide to us below, will help guide us to match you with the corgi that will fit your family. Below are some questions that will help us in making the right choice for you. If you are new to Pembroke Welsh Corgis, we hope you have done your research to ensure this breed is right for you.

They are ACTIVE herding type dogs and as such have unique requirements and personalities. If you have not researched the breed, please do so and feel free to contact us, so we can guide you through the process. We want to make sure our Corgis and their families are happy together from the start and anything we can do to aid in that, we are glad to do

Stud application