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Meet Our Healthy and Handsome Corgis

Breeding takes a good deal of planning and having a right stud for your dam when she goes in heat is imperative. This is why we offer a Pembroke Welsh Corgi stud service to veteran and first-time breeders. At Bison Ridge you can be sure to get trustworthy, ethical, and a knowledgable stud service. As a Responsible breeder we reserve the right to choose which mate passes to be bred. This is to insure that we can pass along worthy traits and fulfills the objectives of prioritizing all the good qualities of the breed and minimized the risk of development of any undesired traits.

When considering us as your dam’s stud please be away that we ask for a detailed medical history to achieve healthy goals. There are many scams out there so we’ll need to see a genetic test we will also provide you with our stud documentation which will include our stud service contract. Everything that goes into our stud service program keeps in mind the welfare of both Corgis and with results that are pushing the breed forward within the standards.

Dancing Bear

Breed Type: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Born: 09/29/17
Favorite: Playing catch, Tennis Balls

Dancing Bear loves his puppies.  He’s never happier then, when he gets to lay next to them or play with them.  He’s a happy go lucky dog with a really sweet disposition.

Stud Service Available

As an additional option for our customers we also offer stud services by some of our best males. We do so in a responsible and ethical manner, which means we only service full bred Pembroke Welsh Corgis and don’t accept any crossbreeds. We do this to maintain the standards of the breed and ensure healthy and balanced puppies.

If you are looking for a male Corgi to service your pet, don’t hesitate and fill out the application and make sure you find the stud that will best fulfill your ideals for the perfect litter!

AKC_Seal, Bison Ridge Corgis
Corgi bred with heart, Bison Ridge Corgis
Good Dog Award, Bison Ridge Corgis

Puppy & Waitlist Application

Our goal is to breed excellence in all our Pembroke Welsh Corgis. We care about and are committed to finding them great homes. As our puppies mature, we get to know their individual personalities. The information that you provide to us below, will help guide us to match you with the corgi that will fit your family. Below are some questions that will help us in making the right choice for you. If you are new to Pembroke Welsh Corgis, we hope you have done your research to ensure this breed is right for you.

They are ACTIVE herding type dogs and as such have unique requirements and personalities. If you have not researched the breed, please do so and feel free to contact us, so we can guide you through the process. We want to make sure our Corgis and their families are happy together from the start and anything we can do to aid in that, we are glad to do

Stud application